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Fighting for American Citizens ...

NOT Illegals.

Are you tired of watching illegal aliens pour across our border without regard to our immigration laws—all while Democrats help them along and weak Republicans stand by and do nothing out of fear of being called racist?

We sure are.

At Build the Wall Now PAC, we know that stopping and reversing the tide of mass migration is the #1 issue facing America. If we lose on the border, we lose on everything else.

The Only Agenda

That Will Save America

  • Build the Wall
  • Outlaw Sanctuary Cities and Imprison Their Leadership
  • Institute a Massive Repatriation Program
  • Abolish Birthright Citizenship
  • Freeze the Asylum and Refugee Programs
  • Jail Employers Who Hire Illegals and NGOs that Support Them
  • Ban All Welfare and Education Access to Illegal Aliens
  • Terminate the Visa Lottery
  • End Chain Migration

All it Takes Is

$50 a Month

Build the Wall Now PAC is using the principles of grassroots crowdfunding to close the money gap between American patriots and open borders globalists like George Soros. 

For just $50 a month—what you might spend at the bowling alley—you will help us keep our America First war chest armed through the 2020 election.

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